Dear colleagues and friends,

The 2019 FEBS Special Meeting in Sphingolipid Biology will cover interdisciplinary topics associated with Sphingolipid Biology, ranging from emerging tools to study sphingolipid structure and function, to their roles in membrane organization, dynamics, signalling and metabolism. Emphasis will be placed in the role of sphingolipids in several human diseases, including, cancer, metabolic syndrome, genetic disorders and neurodegenerative diseases, both as players in the aetiology and as targets and/or therapeutic entities of those diseases.

Scientific sessions and round-table discussions moderated by recognized leaders of the field, together with poster and oral communications from established, early-stage career scientists and students, will provide the ideal setting for networking and close interaction between speakers and participants.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Cascais!

Liana Silva, Giovanni D'Angelo, Christopher Clarke, Thierry Levade, Yusuf Hannun 

Joint 10th International Ceramide Conference & 13th Sphingolipid Club Meeting


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